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Game Library: Alien VS Predator (2010)

Alien VS Predator (2010)

Play as a Xenomorph (Spicemen 6), a recently promoted elite predator (Dark) or as an inexperienced Colonial Marine ( Rookie). Alien: The Alien storyline revolves around a Xenomorph grown in captivity in the Weyland-Yutani labs on BG-386, codenamed Specimen 6. The scientists at the labs, led by Dr. Groves, observe Six's maturation with interest, none more so than Weyland, who deems it to be smarter than any other Xenomorph he has encountered. Predator: The Predator campaign begins with a Young Blood known as Dark, in a jungle on an unknown planet (possibly Yautja Prime), before the presence of his clan leader, Spartan, and several other Elites. They show Dark the basics of fighting and hunting Xenomorphs, using Warriors as prey. After the Young Blood has slain the Warriors, he is promoted to the rank of Elite. Dark is then sent to BG-386 with Wolf and another Elite to investigate a distress call sent by a party of Young Bloods there, and to ascertain what has happened to the novice Predators Marine: As a Marine, the game starts out above BG-386. Marine platoons aboard the USS Marlow are preparing for a combat drop when Dark's vessel comes out of cloak nearby and immediately (and swiftly) destroys the Marlow, leaving only a handful of Marines alive scattered on other small ships. Major Van Zandt directs the survivors to land.

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