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Cultural Immersion: Vancouver (Canada)

 The country: Canada

Flag of Canada
Canada is the second largest coutry in the world, but it has only one-half of one percent of the world’s population . From north to south it spans more than half the Northen Hemisphere, from  east  to West it stretches almost 7,560 kilometers across six times zones. Canada is also many nations in one, descendents of British and French immigrants make up about half the population, they were followed by other European and Asian immigrants.
Canadian taking care and work to protect the native wildlife, Canada has fourty-one beutiful national parks and tree marine conservation áreas, species like wolves, lynx and Atlantic fish have been overhunted and overfished.. (Read more)

▪ Vancouver

Vancouver, named to honour the English navigator Captain George Vancouver, who had explored and surveyed the coast in 1792, is situated in South Western Canada in the province of British Columbia and lies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Known for it’s amazing scenery, Vancouver, with a great localization and spectacular views back toward the city and beyond, it has a fine natural harbour on a suberb site facing the sea and mountains.
Vancouver is the industrial, commercial and financial heart of British Columbia, with trade and transportation as basic components  of its economy. Its also the largest ice-free deepwater port in Canada and has extensive docks and grain elevator facilities, it handles, freighters, a fishing fleet and some ferries. (Read more)

▪ Tourist Spots

▪ Museum of Anthropology
The Museum of Anthropology at UBC houses is one of the world’s finest displays of Northwest  Coast First Nations arts in a spectacular Arthur Erickson designed building overlooking muntains and sea. Part of the University of  British Columbia, the museum deals with culture from around the world,  but with particular emphasis on British Columbia. Other attractions on the university campus include the clothing-optinal shoreline of Wreck Beach. ( Read more)

▪ Grouse Mountain
The Grouse Mountain  offers an beautiful panorama in clear weather in both winter and Summer. Its also located fifteen minutes from  the downtown of the city. A gôndola operates daily running from the street level to the summit, where dining activities and wildlife await mountaintop explores years-round, especially for families, Grouse mountain is a winter wonderland offering outdoor skating, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding. In Summer the mountain is a beautiful hiker’s paradise ... (Read more)

 Stanley Park
Stanley Park is one of the city’s main tourist destinations, attracting approximately eigth million visitors each year. Situated on a península at the northwestern edge of downtown Vancouver, with incradible beaches, miles of well-maintained paved and dirt trails, Canada’s  largest aquarium, pool, water park, miniature railway and more, this  400 hectare haven is recognized as one of the greatest urban parks in the world. ( Read more)

▪ Gastown
Gastown is the oldest part of the city, came in to existence in 1867 when a man colled John Deighton arrived on the scene. With an area of restaurants, galleries,  shops set, restored Victorian buildings, heritage structures, cobblestone streets and iron lampposts give the district its distinctive atmosphere. (Read more)

▪ Canada Place
For the most part of the visitors the Canada Place is where  a trip begins, the area is very popular and offers wonderful views of Burrard Inlet, Stanley Park and the North Shore Mountains.  The unusual  roof creats the impression  of a huge sailing vessel, the architecturally remarble structure is part cruise ship terminal, part convention Center and hotel and part hub for sightseeing bus tours. (Read more)


▪ Montreal-style Bagels
Montreal’s bagels is one of the  most famous Canadians food, denser and thinner than their counterparts, Montreal bagels is a distinctive variety of handmade and wood-fired baked bagel, its also small, thinner, sweeter and denser. ( Read more)

▪ Saskatoon Berry pie
Saskatoon berry pie  is a  nostalgic sweet for Canadian and reminds chilhood. The dessert is not too sweet and are known as serviceberries in the United States. This Berry has often been compared with blueberries and  for real the pie can also be prepared with blueberries.  ( Read more and check out the recipe)

▪ Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich
Nothing says Montreal liked a  Montreal Smoked Sandwich. Serve piled highs livers of smoked meat between two slices of rye Bread with loads of mustard.  The sandwich was created by Benjamin Kravitz and his wife Fanny Schwartz in 1960s. (Read more)

▪ Caesar Cocktail
The Caesar Cocktail is a Canadian favourite. Invented in  1969 in Calgary, thought it is often mistaken fot he American Blood Mary. This delicious concoction is rarely available outside of Canada and according to Backpack Canada Caesar could become Canada’s national drink... (Read more)

▪ Icewine
One of the most elegant drink in Canada Icewine has made the international wine world sit-up and take notice. Icewine can only  made from grapes that have naturally fronzem the vine and are picked when the thermomter dips to -10C  to  -13C or lower.a (Read more)

▪ Caribou Cocktail
Drink during the winter time, Caribou is one of the favourite cocktail’s in Canada. The cocktail comes from Native Americans , who used to drink hot and fresh caribou blood after hunting. The caribou blood was replaced with red wine port, but the name was kept... (Read more)

▪ Music

▪ Canadian Folk Music
 Folk music is rooted in oral tradition in Canada, Canadian heritage, and the struggles of the common people. Today, Canadian folk music is still strongly linked to a unique Canadian past.
Folk songs often relate stories about the sea, fishing, lumbering,mining and many activities wich Canada was built upon... (Read more)

Canada was the first country to officially adopt the multiculturalism as a policy. The country has over one million people with aboriginal identity, including First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, with such rich diversity, there are many different perspectives on what is considered a “Canadian “ trait.... (Read more)


The climate in Canada varies wildly based on geography, from perma-frost in the North to four distinct seasons towards the equator. In Vancouver, the climate is oceanic ,cool and humid whit relatively mild and rainy winters and cool and fairly sunny summers.. (Read more)

 Cost of Living

Vancouver can be a great city to live, but if you’re moving to a new city or a new country, the chances are you’re going to be familiar with some prices of everyday necessities like milk, rent, bread etc.. Check out the cost of living in Vancouver ... (Read more)

▪ Extra: