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Cultural Immersion: Reykjavik (Iceland)

▪ The country: Iceland

Iceland, an island nation located in the North Atlantic Ocean is a land of bright colours contracts of climate, geography and culture. The country has mountainous  landscapes, black lava  fields, geomethermal pools, geysers  and thirty active volcanic. Icelander use  the nature benefits to energy, ninety percent of housing in Iceland is  heated by natural geothermal energy and is also one of the cheapest and cleanest  form of energy. Iceland was founded during the Viking age of exploration and settled by a mixed Norse and Celtic population. (Read more)


Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and is also the largest city in the country, it's located on the Seltjarnar Peninsula, at the southeastern corner of Faxa Bay, in soutgwestern Iceland and the city was fonded in 1876. Similar to the entire coutry, in Reykjavik we still close to the nature, the forces of the nature are all around in abundance. The city is the commercial, cultural, industrial and cultural centre of the country, its also a major fishing port and the site of nearly half of the nation’s industries..... (Read more)

▪ Tourist Spots

▪ Aurora Borealis ( Northen Lights )
The Aurora Borealis or Northen Lights is a natural phenomena  light show, if you’re visiting Reykjvik during the winter, you might  want to see the beautiful Northen lIghts, although you can see the lights from the entire city, people recommend taking a tour with local companies.... ( Read more)

▪ Golden Circle
The Golden Circle  its a very popular 190-miles-long tourist route that runs by Thingvellir National Park. The Golden Circle offers the opportunity to see a meeting-point of the continental plates and site of the ancient Icelandic parlament..... (Read more)

▪ Hallgrimur’s Church ( Hallgrimskirkja)
Hallgrimskirkja is one of the most photographed church around the world. Whit a modern and beauiful structure the church is also a main tourist spots for visitors. The church was named after  17th century hymn writer and church scholar Reverend Hallgrimur Petursson and took nearly 50 years to complete.... (Read more

▪ Arbaer Open Air Museum
The Arbaer Open Air Museum shows what life was in 19th and 20th century in Iceland, the history of painting houses,exhibits about toys and early building techniques. This open-air museum features more than 20 buildings that were origially located in central Reykjavik . (Read more)

▪ Harpa  Concert and  Conference Center
Situated in a solitary spot with a clear and beautiful view of the sea and mountains, Harpa Concert inspared by basalt crystals, the faceted glass scatters reflections of the  surrounding harbour and Sky, and presents a glittering wall of light after dark. Today is one of the most visited attraction of the volcanic island. Harpa means “harp” in Iceland, its also Icelandic name for the first month of spring. (Read more)

▪ Cuisine

▪ Harofiskur
Harofiskur is basically jerky fish made from Wind-dried fish, often cod, haddock or seawolf. It can be easilly found in supermarkets in the entire country.  Icelanders usually eat Harofiskur with butter, often comes in colorful packaging illustrated with comic figures to attract Young children. (Read more)

▪ Kjotsúpa
Kjotsúpa is na Icelandic soup with meat, tradictionally prepared with Lamb shank and vegetables. Grains such as oats, barley or rice are often used to thicken the soup. Its a good choice during the winter... (Read more)

▪ Fiskisúpa
Made with salmon and prawns, Fiskisúpa is a Icelandic soup whit many varieties and can be also made with a mixture of different fish, often including co dor Artic char, the soup countains vegetables and is often made with generous slug of  alcohol, usually white wine and lashings of cream. (Read more)

▪ Skyr
Similar to yogurt in consistency and made out of cheese, Skyr it has been  consumed in Iceland for 1.000 years and continues to be consumed by locals throughout everyday. It is usually served with milk and a sweet topping, such as berries or other fruit... (Read more)

▪ Brennivin
Brennivin translates directly to “burn wine”  also caled by “Black dead” is made from fermented grain or potato mash and flavored with caraway. The drink has been poured into Icelandic  snaps glasses for decades and is especially enjoyed during the winter. (Read more)

▪ Coffee
Icelandic people drink a lot  of coffee and they are also the fourth-largest consumers of coffee per capita in the world. Local coffee shops and cafés are found on most streets corners. The latté is the most popular coffee beverage, but espresso, cappuccino and Black coffee are high on the Icelanders list. (Read more)

▪ Habits

In the capital of Iceland is common festivals  wich always attract foreign guests attention, if you are plannig to visit Reykjavik, you will have the great  possibillity to discover gastronomical and cultural establishment. (Read more)

▪ Music

▪ Folk Music
Folk is a remarkable of Iceland’s musical traditions with differets styles together. Tradictional instruments like langspil and fiola are normally used to accompany vocal compositions and the main themes around  the folk song including the Norse mythology. (Read more)

Song : Shades | Band: Árstíoir

▪ Band:
Formed in 2008 with a unique sound that represent the Icelandic music scene and culture, Árstíoir is a six-piece Icelandic folk band from Reykjavik.... (Read more)

▪ Climate
Close to the Artic Circle the climate in Reykjavik, simillar to the rest of the contry is cold, windy and cloudy in the most part of the year,  the average temperatures in Reykjavik in July are about 12 degrees C.  It doesn’t snow as much in Iceland as people may think either, especially in Reykjavik where there is usually very little snow to be seen even during the winter. ( Read more)

 Cost of Living

It’s important to keep in mind that if you are planning to move to another country you must consider your budget for living expenses.  In biggest cities like Reykjavik the expenses are higher, normally in Iceland people spend less money living on the countryside or outside the city... (Read more)

▪ Famous personalities

            Gylfi Sigurdsson                      Stéfan Karl Stefánsson                 Bjork Guomundsdóttir
               Soccer Player                             Actor, Comedian                  Singer, Songwriter, Actress, DJ 

▪ Extra: